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Pet Insurance

from Members Insurance Center

Pet Insurance

You can get health insurance for yourself, your family, your employees… why not your pet? Veterinarian bills can really add up, especially if you have a dog or cat with allergies or a health condition that requires frequent vet appointments. Even just the annual vaccinations required by your city or state can be expensive. Add to that flea and tick treatments, allergic reactions or skin allergies, ear infections, and visits and treatments for all the other curious situations our beloved pets get themselves into, you can rack up quite the vet bill!

Nationwide Pet Insurance

Nationwide Pet Insurance provides a variety of pet insurance plans to help you keep your vet bills lower and more predictable. For as low as $10 per month, you can purchase a pet insurance policy to help with your vet bills.

Coverage is accepted by any licensed veterinarian, anywhere in the world, including specialists and emergency vet care providers.

There are a few things not covered, such as:

  • Elective procedures
  • Congenital conditions
  • Pet food
  • Grooming
  • Behavioral problems
  • Pre-existing conditions

Hereditary conditions can be covered, but only through specific plans.

How Does the Policy Work?

  1. Take your pet to the vet (for a covered service).
  2. Pay your veterinarian for the service.
  3. Complete and return a Nationwide claim form (along with the paid invoice from your vet).
  4. Nationwide will reimburse you for your claim according to the benefit schedule for your plan (once you’ve met the plan deductible).

Why Choose Nationwide Pet Insurance through Members Insurance Center?

  1. Nationwide is the first company to offer health insurance for pets, and was founded in 1980.
  2. Nationwide is the #1 vet-recommended pet insurance company (recommended by 4 out of 5 vets).
  3. Nationwide coverage applies to all veterinarians, everywhere.
  4. Members Insurance Center can work with you to manage this policy along with your auto, home and other policies, simplifying all of your insurance.

Learn more about Nationwide Pet Insurance or get a quote online at, or call one of their friendly agents at 1-877-738-7874 today.